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Frustrated with your wardrobe? This is for you!!

Thank you for being brave enough to click that button. I know it’s scary, that you’ve tried everything and that you doubt that there is anything that can be done. You’ve read books, asked friends, perused magazines, sought the sage advice of the retail clerk who was determined to sell you a new wardrobe, you probably think there isn’t anything you haven’t heard already… And yet, here you are, hopeful that you can find a way to make peace with your wardrobe and not be filled with disappointment, depression and feelings of guilt that are associated with our clothes.

You need someone who can come alongside and see you for who you are, with no judgement or condemnation for lifestyle choices, ice cream addictions or an abundance of spandex in your closet. Those little things. You need someone to tell you what to look for in a pair of jeans to know they’re the best fit. Someone who can size your bust and give you the RIGHT bra size and type for your body. Someone who can tell you what neckline looks the best on you that flatters your features and makes you look slimmer. Or why it’s hard to find shoes that fit comfortably.


Years ago, I started my foray into fashion by selling accessories. I decided to serve my clients better, I should learn the art of accessorizing and teach that at my events. It was a major hit. Knowing I could help with one thing, my clients and their friends started coming to me for other answers: What do I wear with this and does this look good on me. Is this out? 

I was unprepared for the onslaught of women who also wanted help with their style, so I researched and shared the science behind dressing to look taller and slimmer, and younger to boot. Then they wanted me to shop with them, then help them with their closets and I realized that my little business teaching women how to accessorize needed to grow with demand, and with where my heart was leading me. 

I'm Constance and I teach women how to dress for their body shape, to feel more in control of their wardrobes, and less inclined to have those frustrating closet meltdowns. 


I was not immune to this struggle. Due to some health concerns, I gained a ton of weight and all of a sudden, my shape completely changed and none of my clothes fit. I was in meltdown. I cried when I was getting dressed because I felt like nothing looked good on me. I canceled events with friends and opportunities to grow my business because I didn't have anything to wear. I taught women how to dress to look taller and slimmer but I couldn’t seem to find a way to help myself. 

So I got professional help.. but in a way that I could also use the information to help countless others. I went out to Los Angeles and took a course by a famous Hollywood stylist who started a school to teach others to do what she does. Magical transformations that made people happier. She taught us how to help any woman of any size and any style to find a wardrobe that she felt like herself in, that gave her confidence and that changed how she would look at her own body and shop for it from then on. 


Oh, it works. I still have the same body (+/- 20lbs on any given month) and the same shape and the same style, but now I have the confidence to wear what I like, knowing it is the best choice for me, for my body, for my lifestyle. I don't have closet meltdowns, and I waste less money on clothes that will hang in my closet, unworn.

There's two ways to tackle this transformation. The first way is easy. You can hire me to do the magic for you. I can shop for your new wardrobe that meets your lifestyle, handpick the pieces and present it to you in a private appointment where all of the outfits and accessories are laid out for your try on and show you how to mix and match your pieces when you purchase, just like a princess or the rich & famous would get. I can sure do all of that, and it typically runs about $1,500 for my services alone. I would totally do that for you.

But I can also teach you to do all of that yourself for much, much less.


I have put together an amazing course that will teach you the fundamentals of identifying your style goals, body type, and leading you to an understanding of what you like, who you want to present to the world. Then we will tackle the hard truths about body shapes and how it guides your hand when selecting the right garments for you- to promote confidence, increase your comfort and be appropriate for your lifestyle. Moms of toddlers need different clothes than women who aren't constantly bending and stretching outside of a yoga class. 

After we've embraced out shape and learned how to dress it, we move on to creating outfits. This is where most women need the most help, because the store doesn't tell you how to wear your new shirt with everything else you own, so you only wear it in the way you saw it on the mannequin. You'll break out of this box and learn the art of combining pieces for versatility and how to pair and modify pieces to appear more stylish. 

That's not nearly the end of this impactful, game changing workshop. You will receive a seasonal color analysis that will give you a take-home color palette of the best colors on you;  the ones that make people compliment you on how refreshed and vibrant you look - and you will be taught how to combine colors and how to shop for your personal palette.

Finally, no look is complete without accessories and this is exactly where most women feel it's "extra" instead of essential. Knowing which accessories work for your body type and how to wear them, when. This knowledge will take your look from dressed to polished and beyond. This is where others notice that you have “style”. It’s the icing on the cake for your new you, and you’ll learn tricks that most gals who love jewelry never knew. 


Imagine what it would be like if you felt like you had your wardrobe under control, if  you felt confident in getting dressed every day, if you didn’t stand in front of the closet and dread having to pick out something to wear. Imagine what it would be like if you enjoyed going to your closet, knew what to wear right away and couldn’t wait to put it on. Imagine if you were EXCITED to get dressed because it made you feel like a million bucks- regardless of what the clothes cost.

I mentioned that you could get all of that with private styling by me, but let's get back to the class- teaching a room full of eager and interested women will allow the cost to drop from around $1,500 to a drastically reduced $250. These savings are tremendous, and only available in the workshop course. 

Would it change anything in your life? Would you go more places? Take more chances? Would it change how you look at yourself; feel about your body? What if you could change how others saw you?


For $250 you will shop differently for the rest of your life. Shopping trips can be accomplished in a fraction of the time and cost of what you experienced before. You will shop intentionally, quickly and efficiently knowing this information. Think about all of the clothes you’ve bought that were “ok” but you didn’t end up wearing them. Or the ones that someone talked you into but don’t feel like you. Think about the amount you save by not wasting money on clothing you'll only wear once or worse: not at all!


For $250 you will put an end to the discouraging cycle of  "try on, ugh, this doesn’t work. What about a different top? Oh, now the pants don’t quite work…” and before you know it you’ve spent 30 minutes just trying to find an outfit to wear, give up and feel terrible.  How would you feel not having to change a bunch of times before setting on a disappointing outfit? Would you be able to get ready quickly and leave with joy rather than dread?

You know it would. In fact, you're reading this now because you desperately want something to change, but you don't know what and you don't know how.


At the end of the workshop, you will be part of an exclusive community. One where women you've met will be gathering to share their journey as they put these new tools to use. You will encounter successes and make mistakes and do it together. In our online community you will have access to special challenges and style prompts, a place to share outfits and ask questions. You'll have me to rally around you as well as your sisters who are on this journey with you. This community experience is offered to my private styling clients for $250/yr, but you get it absolutely free.

I'd like to invite you to click on "Sign Up" for the course and put it on your calendar and do this one other thing for me.. don't go shopping before now and then. Don't purge your closets or decide to get rid of everything. Just wait.. otherwise you may deeply regret it because I'm going to teach you how to shop your closet, salvage what you can and how to leverage the rest into new pieces that don't cost you anything. 

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I have put together an amazing course that will teach you the fundamentals of identifying your style goals, body type, leading you to an understanding of what you like, who you want to present to the world.

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