Create a Confidence building wardrobe


The Secret of Style

Are you Frustrated with your Wardrobe?

  • Nothing fits you comfortably
  • You don't like what you look like in the clothes you have
  • Your clothes don't seem to pair well together, so it's almost impossible to put together an outfit
  • Your clothes are visibly worn out and you just really don't want to shop for new ones
  • Your clothes aren't appropriate for your current lifestyle/career
  • You fear that your clothes are out of date and that everyone knows it when they look at you
  • Your tastes have changed and your wardrobe doesn't feel like "you" anymore
  • and so many more!

There are many reasons why you might need to make a change, and every person naturally goes through a few of these "style droughts" in their lives.. yes, even me! 

What I want to reassure you of, is that this is 100% fixable. You really can conquer your closet demons and come out victorious, with a pulled together look that you love. 

The secret that stylish people know? If it doesn't work for you, don't own it. If you don't own it, you can't try to wear it and you've just diverted most of the reasons for closet meltdowns. 

I hope you didn't hear me say, "Throw away everything and start over." Because I don't want you to do that, in fact, that would be a big, big mistake. But, it's one people make all.the.time. There are so many pins, posts and blogs out there of how to clean out your closet that it's become the thing to do to fix your biggest style problems, and I agree with it, I really do, but here's what I found out...

Nobody can give you a list of what to get rid of in your closet because they're not in it with you. You might not know what can be saved, modified and re-purposed.  You can't trust your own judgement (sorry, but it's true, you're too far gone to be unbiased or imaginative with it) and your best girlfriend probably talked you into buying half of it anyway.

So, where's the silver lining? That you are here, seeking help. I offer free style consultations to figure out what you really need and I have custom solutions tailored to each client based on their individual situation. You are unique and so is your style plan. 

I hope you apply for a consultation and together we can start making a difference.